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Terra Vista Middle School

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Digital Design: This class provides a great opportunity to show creativity and design and is a fun choice for those wanting to dig deeper into the world of technology. This is a course that will explore a variety of different graphic design programs as well as photo and presentation software. Due to the advanced nature of the course, Multimedia is a prerequisite for Digital Design.
Career Investigations: is an exploratory course that focuses on the basic skills, planning and investigation needed to begin a specific career path. This is a great course to get students to start focusing on their future and what courses they will need to take in high school to pursue that career field. This course is a very good transition course into high school, encouraging students to become more involved as a freshman instead of waiting until their sophomore year.
Multimedia: This is a great class to create fun projects while becoming familiar with technology. Students will begin the year getting acquainted with the computer, file creating, file saving, and more tricks to access information and keep that information available. The students will spend six weeks focusing and improving on keyboarding skills. By the end of the year, students will be familiar with Microsoft Office Products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher) by creating various projects in these programs. Multimedia is a required technology course before you can move on to Digital Design.