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Terra Vista Middle School

Frenship Father-Son Duo Coaches School Record Breakers 42 Years Apart

In 1982, Frenship High School’s Debbie Arredondo held the women’s discus school record with a throw of 128’0”. Arredondo broke this record under supervision from Coach Lonnie Kuss. This season, Frenship High School senior Reagan Roberts broke that school record from 42 years ago with a throw of 138'6” in discus. Earlier that day the school record was also surpassed by Junior Kedan Burch with a throw of 130'6'.  

“It makes me feel great that someone finally broke the record that was previously held since 1982, but it is even more special that it is my stepson,” said Coach Kuss.  

Coach Wesley Havens shares that he is proud to play a small role in helping coach the newest record holder. He wants to commend Reagan Roberts for her hard work in surpassing this long-held record.  

“It was a good moment to know that we each had a hand in the record, even though all the credit should go to the athletes who earned the record, "said Coach Havens. “It was a special moment and a well-deserved moment for Reagan. She has worked so hard to be good at her craft, and it was a great moment to see her accomplish setting a new school record.” 

Coach Havens will forever hold on to this memory and feels thankful for the opportunity to follow in his dad’s coaching footsteps.  

“Being able to just be a part of earning a school record and getting to coach athletes like Regan Roberts are what makes this job/calling fulfilling and fun! Being able to beat a record my OLD MAN had, which was before I was born, priceless,” said Coach Havens. 

Coach Kuss is proud to be a Frenship Tiger and is thankful for the impact Frenship has had on his life and career.

“Frenship will always hold a special place in my heart,” said Coach Kuss. “I had many great years coaching here, and I am very fortunate to have had a part in the success of the program!” 

Congratulations Coaches and Athletes!