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Terra Vista Middle School

Frenship FFA Competes in Major Stock Shows

Students worked tirelessly all year feeding, grooming, and exercising their livestock projects, getting them ready for the Alternative, the Patriot Steer Show, San Angelo Stock Show, San Antonio Stock Show, Houston Stock Show and Rodeo Austin.

Even through the curve balls of 2021, Snow-vid, COVID 19 and the PED virus that negatively affected pigs, our students worked hard and never gave up. Frenship FFA is grateful for the opportunity for students to learn hands on skills outside of the classroom and for students to learn life skills such as respect, time management and money management skills, learned through their supervised agricultural experience.

Congratulations to all Frenship FFA on an awesome 2021 Stock Show Season!

Alternative Stock Show Results: 

Kanon Buckner, 5th Place Poland Barrow

Kannon Buckner

Kanon Buckner, 4th Place York Barrow

Kanon Buckner


San Angelo Stock Show Results:

Chelby Brown, 1st Place Hamp Barrow

Chelby Brown

Kyler Kilcrease, 3rd Place Duroc Barrow

Kyler Kilcrease

Kanon Buckner, 5th Place Cross Barrow

Kanon Buckner

Cassidy Caraway, 5th Place Berk Barrow

Cassidy Caraway

Taylor Robinette, 4th Place Duroc Barrow

Taylor Robinette

Leah Underwood, 6th Place Market Steer

Leah Underwood

London Futrell, 8th Place LOPB Barrow

Kanon Buckner, 10th Place Berk Barrow

Kanon Buckner

Nicholas Colmenero, 10th Place Spot Barrow

Nicholas Colmenero


San Antonio Stock Show Results: 

Chelby Brown, 2nd Place Hamp Barrow

Chelby Brown

Jordan Hart, 2nd Place Goat

Jordan Hart

Jordan Hart, 4th Place Medium Wool Lamb

Jordan Hart

Janae Hokanson, 7th Place Southdown Lamb

Janae Hokanson

Karter Bowen, 8th Place Dark Cross Barrow

Karter Bowen

Jaxon Hokanson, 9th Place Fine Wool Cross Lamb

Jaxon Hokanson

Casen Slayton, 1st Place Dairy Heifer

Casen Slayton


Houston Stock Show Results: 

Nikki Keeton, Champion Junior Limousin Heifer

Nikki Keeton

London Futrell, 2nd Place Hamp Barrow

London Futrell

Chelby Brown, 3rd Place Dark Cross Barrow

Chelby Brown

Jordan Hart, 3rd Place Goat

Jordan Hart

Courtney Dodd, 6th Place Chester Barrow

Courtney Dodd

Karter Bowen, 6th Place Dark Cross Barrow

Karter Bowen

Ava Hays, 10th Place Poland Barrow

Ava Hays

Wyatt Coulson, 57th Market Broilers Pullets

Wyatt Coulson

Brianna Teaff, 106th Market Broilers Cockerells

Breanna Teaff

Kolton Eleuterius, 110th Market Broilers Cockerells

Kolton Eleuterius

Aiaya DeLeon, 118th Market Broilers Pullets

Aiaya DeLeon

Gage Arp, 121st Market Broilers Cockerells

Gage Arp


Rodeo Austin Results:


Jordan Hart, Champion Heavyweight Goat

Jordan Hart

Chelby Brown, Reserve Champion Light Crossbred Barrow

chelby brown

Maddie Frizzell, 4th Place Southdown Lamb

Maddie Frizzell

London Futrell, 4th Place Dark Cross Barrow

London Futrell

Brianna Teaff, 7th Place Medium Wool Lamb and 13th Place Market Broilers

Briana Teaff

Brianna Teaff

John Coleman, 12th Place Goat

John Coleman

Source: Story Provided by Melani Howell, FHS FFA Sponsor
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